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Description of LDS Missionary's KJV Reference

Bring up every point of LDS doctrine in the KING JAMES BIBLE instantly with this ultimate, quick-draw, must-have "member missionary" app!

Be as confident and bold with the Gospel as ever with this comprehensive, rapid-fire, "master key" to finding any LDS doctrinal point in the King James Holy Bible - within seconds!

You will easily lead Gospel discussions with your non-member Christian friends just by using the King James Holy Bible - the one book they already trust and believe in! This app guarantees that you will never be confounded no matter how well-read your mainstream Christian friend may be, from congregation members all the way up to their paid ministry.

The results of a comprehensive 8-year Bible study project, these are the Gospel Doctrine points of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as found in the King James Holy Bible ONLY. With this app at the ready, you will be able to engage in any gospel conversation with anybody - anytime and anywhere - and you will be able to show any non-member Christian friend what's REALLY in their Bibles!

This app instantly solves the problem of "Bible-weak" members of the church who want to have Gospel conversations with their non-member Christian friends who trust the Bible ONLY.

BONUS: Do you ever find yourself on the defensive from anti-Mormon critics/challengers? Flip the tables by instantly turning it into a missionary opportunity! Being able to point out every doctrinal point of the LDS faith in their own Bible is the last thing any non-member is expecting (or prepared for) from a Mormon - especially if your countering their challenges as fast as they can offer them - while offering LDS doctrinal points of your own as responses - right out of the Bible they already trust!

I have released this guide as a hand-out/"packet" to the missionaries for many years, and the Missionaries have come to absolutely love it. They consider it the "Rosetta Stone" to the King James Bible, the perfect "Master Key" if you will. And it has become a very popular missionary tool in its own right. And now it is my pleasure to bring it to everyone as an instant, "shoot-from-the-hip", beautifully simplistic, menu-driven pocket app that can be used as an incredible missionary tool for any member missionary.

This app is specifically designed to help you lead scriptural-based missionary conversations with your non-member friends who already believe in the Bible. You will definitely get them thinking REALLY hard. And your days of being "Bible weak" are over.


-Nearly every conceivable LDS point of doctrine as found in the King James Holy Bible. No other "specifically LDS" scriptural volume/reference required.

-Quick-draw menu system that allows you to get to any LDS doctrine in the King James Bible within just a few seconds.

- Bible references presented in easily-understood "LDS perspective" descriptions for quick identification and understanding.

-Instantly move from doctrinal point to point as gospel conversations or challenges quickly change pace and topics. YOU are in control of this conversation!

-Quick-n-easy, one-handed, single-touch text size zoom function to accommodate anyone's visual text size preferences instantly.

-Totally safe: no special app permissions required!

Compatibility: Runs on all Android phones and tablets! Supports all known standard and most non-standard screen sizes.

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